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ES Components has collected hundreds of definitions to help you with the meaning of acronyms, words and
regulations that you may run into in the electronic and electrical industry

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  ELECTRICAL GENERATOR An assembly consisting of a magnet mounted on a frame, and a wire coil (armature) that can be rotated within the magnetic field. The function of the generator is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. See TURBINE.  
  ELECTRODES Conductive metallic strips normally inserted into an electrolyte to provide the chemical action needed to convert chemical energy into electrical energy.  
  ELECTROLYTE A solution of specific chemicals in a battery which convert chemical energy into electrical energy.  
  ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE (EMF) The electrical force that exists across the terminals of an electrical generator, or battery. When connected to a load in a closed circuit, this force produces a voltage across the load and causes current to flow in that circuit. EMF is measured in volts and designated with the letter E (supply voltage) or V (load voltage).  
  ELECTRON Considered to be the smallest unit of electrical charge.  
  ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE The accumulation of electrons on the surface of a nonconducting material when it is rubbed by another nonconducting material. See TRIBOELECTRIC EFFECT.  
  ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE (ESD) A transfer of an electrostatic charge between a material with an excess of electrons and a material with a deficiency of electrons.  
  EMITTER One of the terminals of a bipolar transistor that is generally used as the terminal common to both the input and output sections of the device  
  ENCAPSULATE Sealing or covering of a microcircuit to provide mechanical and environmental protection.  
  ENCAPSULATED WIREWOUND Resistance alloy in wire form wound on a former and encased in an epoxy (or other suitable material) molded case.  
  EPITAXIAL GROWTH (EPI) An optional step in the semiconductor manufacturing process in which a blank silicon wafer is prepared for fabrication. Silicon is precipitated in gaseous form to grow on the surface of the silicon wafer.  

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