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ES Components has collected hundreds of definitions to help you with the meaning of acronyms, words and
regulations that you may run into in the electronic and electrical industry

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INFRARED DATA COMMUNICATION DEVICES IRDCs) are optoelectronic components that enable two-way, wireless data transmission at very fast speeds. An infrared transceiver includes an IR emitting device, a detecting device, and an integrated control IC, all part of a special package design with two integrated optical lenses. IRDCs are used in PDAs, cell phones, computers,
digital cameras, and other products.
IMPEDENCE A load applied to an amplifier (or other source) which is not a pure resistance. This is to say that its loading characteristics are frequency dependent. Impedance consists of some value of resistance in conjunction with capacitance and/or inductance. The equivalent circuits can vary from two components to hundreds.  
IMPURITY An element added to the semiconductor substrate material (either germanium, silicon, or gallium arsenide) in the fabrication process to create a P-type or N-type region. For germanium, the impurities are arsenic and bismuth. For silicon, the impurities are boron, phosphorus, and aluminum. and for gallium, arsenic and phosphorus.  
IN-PHASE a condition of two waveforms when they cross the reference line at the same time and in the same direction.  
INDUCTOR A coil of wire which exhibits a resistance to any change of amplitude or direction of current flow through itself. Inductance is inherent in any conductor, but is &quot;concentrated&quot; by winding into a coil. An inductor tends to pass low frequencies more readily than high frequencies. Electrically it is the opposite of a capacitor. Basic unit of measurement is the Henry (H), in crossover networks it will typically be measured in milli-henrys (mH = 1 x 10<sup>-3</sup>H) and for RF micro-henrys (uH) are common  
INSULATOR A material that prevents the passage of electricity, heat or sound. The plastic coating on wires is an insulator, preventing the wires from coming into electrical contact with each other. Insulators are xtensively used in electronics. Most good electrical insulators are also good thermal insulators  
INTEGRATED CIRCUIT (IC) A collection of active and passive devices (e.g. transistors and resistors) mounted on a single slice of silicon and packaged as a single component. Examples include operational amplifiers, Central Processing Units (CPUs), random access memory (RAM), etc.  
INTERCONNECTION The conductive path required to achieve electrical connection from a circuit element to the rest of the circuit.  
INTERMODULATION DISTORTION&nbsp; (IMD) the intermixing of two frequencies. It is often caused by non-linear
distortion within an amplifier or loudspeaker

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