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ES Components has collected hundreds of definitions to help you with the meaning of acronyms, words and
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  LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Originally, lasers were either gas or precious stone (e.g. ruby), but are now made using semiconductors. Laser light is coherent, meaning that the emitted light waves are in phase, which gives the light a strange appearance since our eyes were never designed to observe coherent light  
  LAT (Lot Acceptance Tests) The performance of every semiconductor die is unique, although two die may derive from the same family, the same fab or even the same wafer, their electrical performance will never be 100% identical due to natural differences in atomic composition.  This performance difference is usually minute and often has no real bearing on the broader electrical template the chip designer and fabricator is aiming for.  To be sure of a products consistency an Element Evaluation/LAT can be performed.  This is usually needed when a customer requires the added assurance that their product will meet specified electrical test criteria. Often the part will need to function in extreme environments, for example when product is to be used in military applications.  Testing can cover both the mechanical and electrical reliability of the product and a LAT will determine whether or not a particular batch (diffusion lot) of semiconductor die are capable of meeting pre-defined operating limits.  
  LEAD FRAME A metallic frame containing leads and a base to which an unpackaged integrated circuit is attached. After encapsulation, the outer part of the frame is cut away and the leads are bent into the required shapes.  
  LIGHTNING ARRESTOR A protective device that provides a very low resistance path to any voltage above its rated value.  
  LINE OF SEPARATION Visible distance or space between two features that are observed not to touch at the magnification in use.  
  LINE VOLTAGE The AC voltage supply that provides the prime source of electrical power for office, laboratory, factory, and home electrical and electronic equipment. Throughout North, Central, and South America, the line voltage is nominally specified as 120 volts AC, at 60 hertz. In Europe, the line voltage is nominally specified as 240 volts AC, at 50 hertz. Line voltage can be either privately or publicly generated.  
  LOAD A device, component, appliance, system, or machine to which an electrical force (voltage) is applied. Resistance is inherent in the structure of a load and is an integral part of an electrical or electronic circuit.  

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