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ES Components has collected hundreds of definitions to help you with the meaning of acronyms, words and
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  MAGNETICS Passive components, including inductors and transformers, that use an internal magnetic field to change the phase of electrical current. Magnetic devices are used to change voltage levels and to isolate system sections with different ground levels. Inductors are used to control AC current and voltage and filter out unwanted electronic signals.  
  MAIN TERMINAL 1 AND MAIN TERMINAL 2 The output terminals of a TRIAC, alternately acting as an anode or a cathode as its AC supply voltage varies from positive to negative.  
  METAL OXIDE ELEMENT A resistive device that protects against excess voltage surges in a circuit. It is called a metal oxide varistor (MOV). Below its rated voltage, its extremely high resistance has no effect on a circuit. Above its rated voltage, it sharply changes to an extremely low value resistor. See LIGHTNING ARRESTOR.  
  METALLIZATION One or more layers of microcircuit metal conduction paths  
  MIL One-thousandth of an inch (x 10 -3 inches). Equal to 25.4 microns.  
A three-terminal semiconductor component with a built-in capacitor at its input and a conducting channel in its output structure. It has an extremely high input resistance and is either an enhancement type or enhancement/depletion type. The enhancement type MOSFET operates as a normally-off digital switch or as an analog switch. The enhancement/depletion type operates as an extremely high-input resistance linear amplifier.  
  MICROBOND A bond of a small wire to a conductor or chip device.  
  MICROCIRCUIT A section of semiconductor wafer with circuitry and components etched into the top.  Also called a die or chip.  
  MICRON (um) A unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter.  
  MULTICHIP MODULE (MCM) A hybrid which contain at least two bare die.  
  MULTILEVEL METALLIZATION Two or more levels of metal or any other material used for interconnections that are isolated from each other by insulating material.  

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