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ES Components has collected hundreds of definitions to help you with the meaning of acronyms, words and
regulations that you may run into in the electronic and electrical industry

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  PACKAGE An enclosure for a single element, an integrated circuit, or a hybrid circuit. It provides hermetic or non-hermetic protection, determines the form factor, and serves as the first level interconnection externally for the device by means of package terminals. A package generally consists of a bottom part, called the case or header, and a top part, called the cover or lid. These are sealed into one unit.  
  PACKAGE POST A generic term used to describe the bonding location on the inside of the  package.  
  PASSIVATION Insulating layer directly over a circuit or circuit element to protect the
surface from contaminants, moisture, or particles
  PASSIVE COMPONENTS (resistors, capacitors, inductors) do not require a power supply to handle the signals that pass through them. Passive components are used to store electrical charges, to limit or resist electrical current, and for filtering, surge suppression, measurement, timing, and tuning applications.  
  PEG BONDING A thermocompression bonding technique. The wire end is compressed into the pad or conductor area  
  PERIOD The time required to complete one cycle of AC and is calculated as the
reciprocal of the frequency (1/f). It is measured in seconds and designated with
the letter T.
  PHOTOVOLTAIC EFFECT The generation of an electrical current in a circuit containing a
photosensitive device when the device is illuminated by visible or nonvisible light.
  PINCH-OFF VOLTAGE That value of reverse bias voltage applied to the input of a J-FET linear
amplifier to cut off its channel and reduce its output current to zero
  PN JUNCTION The simplest semiconductor structure. As a discrete device, it is called a diode. It consists of a positive or P-region (containing positive ions) in
junction with a negative or N-region (containing negative electrons).
  POWER The rate at which work is done and measured in watts (W). In electrical and electronic circuits, Power (P) = Supply Voltage (E) x Supply Current (I) or Load Voltage (VL) x Load Current (IL). See WATT.  
  PROTECTED AREA An area equipped with appropriate ESD protective materials and equipment. It provides a site where ESD voltage is limited below the ESD sensitivity level of the component or equipment being handled or manufactured.  
  PULSATING DC VOLTAGE Rectified AC voltage, either positive or negative, with respect to a
reference. Half-wave pulsating DC voltage uses only one-half of the available AC voltage. Full-wave DC voltage uses both halves of the AC voltage waveshape.

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