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  RECTIFIER A semiconductor diode, or group of diodes, that acts to change AC to pulsating DC  
  RETICLE A uniform pattern of die on the same wafer.  
  REFERENCE An arbitrarily selected point or section of a circuit or system to which the polarities and values of the circuit voltages are referred. See GROUND.  
  RELIABILITY The assurance that a component will perform in a specified manner for a specified time under a set of specified conditions that include electrical, mechanical, thermal, and environmental stresses. The concept of reliability encompasses the elements of both quality and longevity. See STABILITY.  
  RESISTANCE The electrical characteristic of a component, material, circuit, or system which acts to limit current in a circuit. It is measured in ohms (W) and designated with the letter R. Resistance depends on the molecular structure and dimensions of a component or device and on the configuration of a circuit or system. See OHM.  

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