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  SCR (SILICON CONTROLLED RECTIFIER) A silicon device with four layers (PNPN) having an input control terminal (gate), an output terminal (anode) and a terminal common to both input and output (cathode). It generally operates as an AC switch for lighting and heating control.  
  SCRIBE STREET he lines that separate the die from each other on a wafer where dicing occurs.  
  SEALING Joining the package case header or substrate to its cover or lid.  
  SELF SUPPORTING PREFORMED WIRE Insulated or uninsulated resistance alloy wire formed to make the resistance element with integral or welded leads for through hole applications.  
  SILICON CHIP Although a variety of semiconductor materials are available, the most commonly used is silicon and integrated circuits are popularly known as silicon chips, or simply chips.  
  SINE WAVE A smooth, continuously moving waveshape that has no break in its appearance. It has positive and negative half-cycles that are generally symmetrical with respect to a reference. The cyclical repetition of these waves produces a waveshape that has a specified frequency in hertz (number of cycles per second) and a specified amplitude.  
  SKU Stock Keeping Unit. A common term for a unique numeric identifier, used most commonly in online business to refer to a specific product in inventory or in a catalog.  
  SLURRY A thick mixture of water and fine wafer particles produced during the wafer sawing process.  If wafer is not cleaned properly, slurry can be seen as a very fine particle deposit over the surface of individual die, sometimes forming patterns from the spray of the mixture.  
  SQUARE WAVE A rectangular-shaped (step-function) periodic wave with a positive and negative half-cycle of equal lengths of time or duration. A square wave consists of a sine wave's fundamental frequency combined with the odd harmonics (multiples) of its fundamental frequency.  
  STABILITY The ability of a component, circuit, or system to maintain a fixed level of operation within specified tolerances under varying external conditions. Changing conditions include voltage, frequency, temperature, and longevity. See RELIABILITY.  
  STEADY-STATE DC VOLTAGE A fixed polarity of positive or negative voltage with respect to a reference. This form of voltage is used as the power source for electronic circuits.  
  SUBSTRATE The base material upon which the passivation, metallization and circuit elements are added to built a device.  
  SURFACE MOUNT METAL STRIP A strip of insulated resistance alloy with surface mount terminations. The insulation may be either an epoxy transfer molded case or a conformal coating.  

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