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ES Components has collected hundreds of definitions to help you with the meaning of acronyms, words and
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  VARACTOR A semiconductor diode that acts as a variable capacitor whose value changes inversely to reverse bias voltage.  
  VARIABLE RESISTOR Resistor whose resistance can be changed by turning a shaft. See also "potentiometer and rheostat.  
  VARISTOR A metal (zinc) oxide over-voltage protective device. See METAL OXIDE ELEMENT.  
  VIA A small hole formed through the wafer or Printed Circuit Board and metallized, causing electrical connection to be made from the front (the side on which the circuitry is formed) to the backside of the wafer, substrate, or Printed Circuit Board.  
  VISIBLE LINE OF SEPARATION Is understood to be separation between two elements that is clearly visible at 100x magnification.  
  VOID Any region where bare semiconductor material or passivation is visible within the design areas of the metallization  
  VOLT The unit of measurement of electromotive force necessary to produce one ampere of current in a circuit having a total resistance of one ohm. The volt is named for Alessandro Volta, an 18th century Italian physicist.  
  VOLTAGE The electromotive force that exists across a voltage source (supply voltage) or a load in a circuit. Its unit of measurement is a volt. See ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE.  
  VOLTAGE ARRESTOR A fast-acting, over-voltage protective device that can absorb or short a voltage to ground when the voltage is in excess of the device's rated value.  

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