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Bare Die Distribution. Bare Die, Wafer and Package Devices at ES Components
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Bare die, wafer and package device distribution services are continually improving many of ES Component's out-of-the-box solutions that are provided to our customers and our vendors.


  Value Added Solutions   Vendor Managed Inventory
  Lot Acceptance Testing   Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  Wafer Processing   Kan-Ban Programs
  Detailed Lot Traceability   Consignment Programs
  ASIC Solutions   Just In Time (JIT) / Bonded Stock
  Protective Inventory Storage   Dock to Stock Programs

Lot Acceptance Testing

AES Components will coordinate Lot Acceptance Test data for any of our parts in bare die or package form. Our partners are qualified to test to your Military, Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, and Commercial applications. Tests can be performed on most semiconductors and electronic devices to the applicable Mil-STD, your SCD (Source Control drawing), or any combination of the two. We will provide you with a complete test package containing the read and record data along with your die or package parts. Contact your account representative for more details or for a quotation to your specification.

  > Customer Specific SCD (Source Control Drawing)
> RAD radiation Testing For Single
> Upscreening of Components
> Class "H" Testing - Military Level
> Class "K" Testing - Unmanned Space Level
> Class "S" testing - Manned Space Level
> DPA - Destructive Physical Analysis
> SEM - Scanning Electron Microscopy
. LVH - Low Voltage Humidity
> Nondestructive Shock and Vibration

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Wafer Processing

ES Components will coordinate the process commonly referred to as 'Saw, Sort, and Load." We will process wafers into die, load the die into your specified waffle pack, and inspect the finished die to the applicable Mil -STD, your SCD (Source Control Drawing), or a combination of the two. Die can be packaged in any required configuration within the waffle pack. We also offer expedited processing for those times when delivery lead-time is critical (an expedite fee may apply.)

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Detailed Lot Traceability

ES Components maintains manufatcurers' lot number traceability as supplied from the original manufacturers, Certificate of Compliance (C of C.) As a long time supplier to the military and aerospace markets, we understand the requirement for detailed lot number traceability. Our traceability is recorded within our distribution management software, Activant Eclipse. Lot number availability checks are available within seconds of a product lookup inquiry. Our lot number traceability history goes back to the company's inception in 1981. Hardcopy Certificate of Compliance's are maintained on file for reference only. If you hav a specific lot request based on a previous shipment from ES Components, please contact your account representative for more details on availability.

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ASIC Solutions

ES Components offers custom designed semiconductors or passive components manufatcured to your precise SDC (Source Control Drawing) requirements. This is a cost effective, time efficient means of replacing obsolete components and technologies. This service is available for commercial, military, and space level applications. Additional benefits include a short design cycle, miniaturized components, engineering R & D assistance, and fast production times. Contact your representative to discuss your ASIC, active or passive requirements.

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Protective Inventory Storage

ES Components utilizes a vacuum seal storage method. Bare Die products are stored in their waffle packs in a 7-Mil, ESD sensitive Dri-Shield 2700 vacuum sealed moisture barrier bag. Each bag contains a Mil-STD approved clay desiccant for additional environmental protection. This storage method is extremely effective in preserving the condition and integrity of our high quality products. Our entire inventory of over 35,000 line items are available online and fully searchable.

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

ES Components offers fully customized Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs designed to your precise requirements. Our VMI programs are designed to manage your bill of materials or inventory on your behalf. Together we will detail the program guidelines that best fit your business strategy, goals, and objectives. Some of the benefits of a custom VMI program include:

  > Improved Cash Flow
> Increased Inventory Turns
> Reduced Quality Inspections
> Fixed Competitive Pricing
> Detailed Reporting Status
> Dedicated VMI Program Managers
> Requirement and Obsolescence Monitoring

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Kan-Ban Programs

With the popularity of "Lean Manufacturing", ES Components can provide you with a custom Kan-Ban program designed to enhance your operational efficiency. You define the the required number of bins that ES Components needs to maintain in our inventory and the frequency of your releases. ES Components will manage the inventory.

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Consignment Programs

ES Components has pioneered the creative use of consignment programs to help grow our available inventory, while returning a steady income stream to our consignment partners. ES Components will help you turn your obsolete, overstock, and residual inventory into cash. Some companies' consignment inventory programs offer only you only pennies on the dollar. The ES Components Advantage Program is fully customized to maximize your returns. Some of the benefits of a custom consignment program with ES Component are:

  > ES Components Market Price knowledge Ensures Maximum $ Returns
> Tax Advantages for the Inventory Write-Off
> Reduced Physical Inventory Storage COncerns
> Wide Breadth of Market Exposure Through Our Online Inventory
> Custom, Detailed Reporting On Your Current Inventory Position
> Immediate Access to Your Inventory If You Need An Item Returned

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Just In Time (JIT / Bonded Stock

ES Components will bond inventory to your specific requirements helping you to protect against DMS (Diminishing Materials Supply) and obsolescence. Bonded inventory remeains the property of the customer and can be shipped "Just In Time" or based on your defined shippinf requirements to meet the customer's demand.

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Dock to Stock Programs

ES Compomnents is a certified Dock to Stock supplier for several major customers with quality ratings approaching 5 Sigma levels. Our custom Dock to Stock programs can eliminate the requirements for your own internal inspections. Inspect to your SCD (SOurce Control Drawing), Mil-Standard, or a combination of the two. We invite you to perform an in-house quality audit of our facility at any time to establish whether a Dock to Stock program is right for your company.

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ES Component can customize a full kitting program to manage your BOM (Bill of Materials) or Hybrid Assembly build requirements. Our stae-of-the-art distribution managment software, Activant Eclise, is designed to enter your kit requirements, either static or dynamic kits, and extrapolate the entire kit BOM requirements to the line item level. We will purchase , store, and kit your components based on your specified requirements. If needed, we wil provide the logistics to support shipping to multiple CEM's (Contract Equipment Manufacturers).

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