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Having Fun With…Big Questions!

Questions Never Stop! Enjoy! Why Does Your Sandwich Come With a Pickle?   Who Actually Invented The Wheel?  Can Too Much Spicy Food Burn Off Your Taste Buds?  What Legal Authority Does Judge Judy Have?  How Many Germs Are in a Kiss?  Is a Moonroof Different Than a Sunroof?  Does Cracking Your Knuckles Really Give […]

Tell Me! Using Bare Die Improves What?

Tell Me! Using Bare Die Improves What?   Electrical Performance Size & Weight Integration Reliability   Designers of space-constrained systems face the challenge of determining how to incorporate expanding functional needs into reduced spaces in a timely and cost-effective manner. For many handheld, portable, and other small form factor products, silicon packaging has become the […]

Design Engineers! Why Use Current Sensing & Shunt Resistors?

Design Engineers! Why Use Current Sensing & Shunt Resistors? One Reason.  To Know the amount of current being delivered to a load.   Here’s Why? In low-power consumer products the supply current can be monitored to understand the system’s impact on battery life.  The load current also can be used to make safety-critical decisions in […]

Tell Me. What Is Die Bonding? – The Pros & Cons

What is die bonding? Die bonding (often referred to as die attach) is the process of attaching a die/chip to a substrate or package. Die attach is accomplished by using one of the following processes: Eutectic Solder Adhesive Glass or Silver-Glass For our purposes here we will focus on Eutectic, Adhesive and Silver-Glass.     […]

Remember? … The 7 Benefits Of Using Micrel LDO Regulators & MOSFET Drivers?

Remember? … The 7 Benefits Of Using Micrel LDO Regulators & MOSFET Drivers?   Right to the point. Sometimes we forget the very straightforward and simple reasons why we chose to use something in the past. Here’s a reminder why you chose to use Micrel’s LDO Regulators & MOSFET Drivers for your applications in the past. The 7 […]

6 Tips To Improve Chip on Board Assembly

6 Tips To Improve Chip on Board Assembly One.  Before attaching the bare die to PCB, burnish the wire bond pads with a soft wire brush. Cleaning will help to eliminate oxidation build up (Figure 5-1). Two. Use a vacuum tool tip to die attach the bare die, as it is critical to protect the […]

Design Engineers! – Got High Frequency Applications? We’ve Got 2 Solutions!

 Design Engineers! Got High Frequency Applications? We’ve Got 2 Solutions!     Solution 1. Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors for High Frequency Features • Class 1 NP0 Noble Metal Electrodes • High Q: > 2000 (at 1MHz) • Ultra-low ESR • Case sizes: 0402, 0603, 0805 • Ultra-stable dielectric material (zero aging) • RoHS Compliant1 […]

Are You Searching For An Electronic Components Distributor?

Two Questions To Ask: Are you conducting business with a qualified distributor who has your best interest in mind? Do you know that you are not buying substandard or Counterfeit Electronic Parts?   The Answer: ES Components ES Components regards quality as conformance to our customers’ specifications. It is our goal to meet or exceed […]

The Genius Behind FM Radio – Widow Awarded $10 Million

The Genius Behind FM Radio   Just so you know, there are electronic components and electrical devices in an FM radio. Amplifiers, tuning coils, diodes, antennas and batteries are some of the basic parts. Electrical devices take the energy of electric current and transform it in simple ways into some other form of energy — […]

An Entire Computer Into A Mouse – What’s With That?

A Computer In  A Mouse? Before we get started, first things first. ES Components does not sell computers. If you are just looking for Electronic Components and need to buy some or need help locating hard-to-find or obsolete components, ES Components certainly can help you. Make sure you give us a call at 978-422-7641. Now on […]