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Medical Electronics – Built To Last A Little While

Biomedical Engineering is the future. At ES Components we work closely with medical device manufacturers with the electronic components that we supply to them. Yesterday it used to be build and design things to last. No More! The following is from an article by David Shultz from SHOTS Health News From NPR. I think you will […]

Fighter Jets – Lots Of Electronic Components

  Fighter jets indeed are loaded with all sorts of electronic components. You may know one or two electronic components, but for those who do not we will go through some basics of what is in a fighter jet.   A military aircraft designed entirely for air combat is considered to be a fighter aircraft. […]

Know Your Electronic Components? Take The Quiz!

Transistors – Relays – Transformers – LEDs – Capacitors – LCDs – Diodes – Resistors – Zener Diodes – Inductors Do you know your electronic components? Take a break today and find out how much you know. It’s really simple. 10 questions. Multiple choice. Compare your score to others. Click here to take the quiz […]

Modern Warships – Full Of Electronic Components

Modern warships are full of electronic components. If they did not have all of this electronic equipment, the warships would not have the power that they have. Most of the equipment is designed for a marine environment and therefore must be waterproof and be small enough to fit inside the bridge. Listed below are some […]

Passive Electronic Components – What Are They?

  Passive electronic components are components that consumes energy. It does not produce energy, is incapable of power gain and requires no electrical power to operate. They simply absorb energy. A typical example of passive electronic components would be resistors and capacitors. For a closer look at these devices, let’s look below. Capacitors – A […]

Get More With Precision Foil Resistors

Precision, Stability, Power, Accuracy and Reliability If any of these are key requirements of your design, then you should be choosing the Precision Foil Resistors manufactured by the VPG brands – Vishay Foil Resistors, Alpha Electronics, Powertron. VPG Foil Resistors produces the most precise and stable resistors available. Distinguished by the premier brands Vishay Foil […]

VMI, VMR, SMI – Just What Is This?

Simply put, it is nothing more than a form of an Inventory Management Service that is provided by your supplier or vendor. These are various acronyms that are associated with inventory management. I will share the definition of these terms with you and try to give you some guidance as to when you might use VMI […]

Kitting: Save Time – Save Money

A form of supply chain management, kitting reduces cost and improves efficiences. In very simple terms kitting is a process in which individually separate but related  items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. A form of supply chain management, parts are accurately counted and labeled, making them readily available when needed. A program […]

Implanted Medical Devices – A Huge Industry

Reference:Article from 24/7 Wall St. Research One of the most profitable businesses of the U.S. healthcare industry are medical devices. On a yearly basis, medical device companies across the world bring in over $200 billion in revenue. In the U.S. alone, these companies take in over $85 billion a year. A large portion of that is […]

High Temp/Downhole Applications Require Specilaized Components

I had no idea how harsh and hot the environment is as an oil drill is trying to penetrate the seabed hundreds of feet below the surface. Temperatures can soar above 200°C! Add in extreme vibration and you have a pretty nasty situation where any electronic components are used. Watch an animated typical Down-Hole drilling […]