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The Year 2014 Was Quite A Newsmaker

The Year 2014 Was Quite A Newsmaker   As 2014 now draws to an end, it’s time to reflect on what has been another challenging, busy and hectic year. At ES Components, quoting and orders are on the rise. More new and innovative electronic devices will be introduced by our Franchised suppliers, in 2015, all designed to […]

Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town. Take The Quiz!

Transistors – Relays – Transformers – LEDs – Capacitors – LCDs – Diodes – Resistors – Zener Diodes – Inductors  Do you know your electronic components? Take a break today and find out how much you know. It’s really simple, all multiple choice questions. In the spirit of the Holiday Season, I have presented a […]

Reaching For Pluto: The Countdown Begins

The Countdown Begins   One of the fastest spacecraft ever built — NASA’s New Horizons — is hurtling through the void at nearly one million miles per day.  Launched in 2006, it has been in flight longer than some missions last, and it is nearing its destination: Pluto. Can you just imagine how many different […]

The Shrinking World Of Electronics

Bare Die Used In Miniature Circuit Assemblies   The size of your thumb are roughly the dimensions to which electronic medical devices are shrinking. They are necessary to be easily implanted into people who are suffering from such life-altering disorders as chronic pain,  and limb dysfunction. The new world of tomorrow is here! Such devices require […]

Electrical & Electronic Engineers – Must Have Apps!

I’m not sure but I would guess we would have to resort to using pencil and paper to figure out these calculations. Ohms Law calculations, Voltage calculations, Resistance calculations, Reactance Finder, Capacitor conversions, Current calculations, Resistivity, etc. It would take you a little while to figure these out with pencil and paper. Do you think you could […]

Vishay New Trench IGBT

Vishay Intertechnology Introduces New Trench IGBT Vishay Intertechnology Trench PT and FS IGBT Platform Reduces Conduction and Switching Losses for High Efficiency 600 V and 650 V IGBTs Offer Low VCE(ON) and Fast and Soft Switching for Motor Drives, UPS, and Solar and Welding Inverters MALVERN, Pa. — Dec. 10, 2014 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. […]

Tell Me – What Are Active & Passive Components?

What Are Active & Passive Components?   If you are anything like me, I always seem to get confused on what Active & Passive components are. Let’s see if we can shed some light this and try to understand just what are Active & Passive components and what the differences are. Active Components: Those devices or […]

Tell Me – What Is Surface Mount Technology?

Surface mount devices (SMDs) are used in a growing number of commercial and industrial products. Due to their small size, prototype manufacturing, rework, and repair can be difficult and are best performed using specialized techniques specific to this technology. So, just what is surface mount technology? Follow along and we will try to explain AND […]

What Keeps You Up At Night?

What Keeps You Up At Night?   Electronic Component Buyers Are Concerned Buyers of electronic components remain concerned about component availability and general economic issues according to the preliminary results of Global Purchasing’s 2014 Annual Profile Survey. The survey of nearly 800 purchasing professionals covers a wide range of topics, including economic concerns, salary issues, […]

Vishay Foil Resistors

Vishay Foil Resistors   More than four and a half decades after its invention by physicist Dr. Felix Zandman in 1962, Bulk Metal® Foil (BMF) technology still outperforms all other resistor technologies available today for applications that require precision, stability, and reliability. If you are looking for Bulk Metal® Foil Resistors then Vishay is  a good […]