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Bare Die / Package Strategies

Bare Die / Package Strategies Integrating a chip into an electronic product or system requires an electrical subsystem between the chip and the system. Two main approaches have emerged: individual packaging and bare die techniques.   Bare Die Techniques There are two principal bare die techniques: wire bonding and bump/flip-chip. (Fig.36) The wire bonding technique […]

Quick – Tell Me How To Handle Bare Die

Quick – Tell Me How To Handle Bare Die   Handling Bare Die can be tricky.The following should help raise the sensitivity and awareness of special physical effects which could harm the quality and yield of the production of bare die.           Bare Die Is Delivered In Different Forms   Sensitivity […]

Quick, Tell Me – What Is Wafer Dicing?

Quick, Tell Me – What Is Wafer Dicing?   Wafer dicing is the process by which die are separated from a wafer of semiconductor following the processing of the wafer. The dicing process can be accomplished by scribing and breaking, by mechanical sawing (normally with a machine called a dicing saw) or by laser cutting. […]

Are You Searching For An Electronic Components Distributor?

Two Questions To Ask: Are you conducting business with a qualified distributor who has your best interest in mind? Do you know that you are not buying substandard or Counterfeit Electronic Parts?   The Answer: ES Components ES Components regards quality as conformance to our customers’ specifications. It is our goal to meet or exceed […]

Tips For Finding & Documenting Electronic Components

Avoid a worst case scenario. In manufacturing, it costs a lot more to fix problems caused by poor part documentation than it does to document product parts properly the first time. Realizing that your product contains parts that have procurement challenges or functional limitations is a misstep no manufacturer can afford. Even more painful is […]

All The Bare DIe and Surface Mount Components You Need.

Hello everyone, I hope that work is going well and trust that you are taking some time to enjoy the winter? I just wanted to let you know that I have been actively using LinkedIn recently for our company, ES Components and found it to be an incredibly powerful networking tool…especially when we use it […]

The Bloodhound SSC Project – A Flagship For Technology

 The Bloodhound SSC Project – A Flagship For Technology For a hundred years Britain has been involved in setting the land speed record and today is no different: the Bloodhound SSC project, described by Richard Noble the project director as the “engineering adventure of the 21st century”, is once again preparing to take to the […]

The Many Sizes And Shapes Of Capacitors

 The Many Sizes And Shapes Of Capacitors   You’ll find one or more capacitors in almost every electronic circuit you build. And capacitors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, influenced mostly by three things: the type of material used to create the plates, the type of material used for the dielectric, and the […]

The Genius Behind FM Radio – Widow Awarded $10 Million

The Genius Behind FM Radio   Just so you know, there are electronic components and electrical devices in an FM radio. Amplifiers, tuning coils, diodes, antennas and batteries are some of the basic parts. Electrical devices take the energy of electric current and transform it in simple ways into some other form of energy — […]