Remember? … The 7 Benefits Of Using Micrel LDO Regulators & MOSFET Drivers?

Micrel!Remember? … The 7 Benefits Of Using Micrel LDO Regulators & MOSFET Drivers?


Right to the point. Sometimes we forget the very straightforward and simple reasons why we chose to use something in the past.

Here’s a reminder why you chose to use Micrel’s LDO Regulators & MOSFET Drivers for your applications in the past. The 7 benefits of using those Micrel products still apply today!


The Benefits

LDO Regulators

  • A broad range of current and package offerings
  • Voltages ranging from 1.8V – 120V
  • High-efficiency LDOs (HELDO)
  • Ultra-high supply frequency rejection line of LDOs(Ripple Blocker™)


Applications: Tablets & Smartphones, USG OSG & HDMI Hosts,
Portable Power Reserve Supplies,
Low-Noise Audio Applications (MIC2875),
High-Current Parallel Lithium Cell Apps (MIC2876),
Portable Equipment


MOSFET Drivers

  • The industry’s widest operating voltage range
  • Voltages ranging from 5.5V – 100V
  • High drive power capability and comprehensive fault protectionApplications: Solar Inverter, Industrial, Telecom, Networking,
    Datacom Markets



Product Innovation


Offering more than three thousand ICs aimed at the fastest growing markets for high-performance linear and power, timing and communications, and LAN solutions means Micrel has one of the largest and broadest product portfolios of any other company of its size in the industry. Micrel stands out as a company of value.


Micrel has a reputation for being a high-quality and premiere supplier of LDO Regulators in the worldwide market and is a major global supplier to the mobile phone, computing, and the industrial markets.


So there you have it. The 7 Benefits and a reminder why you should consider using
Micrel’s LDO Regulators & MOSFET Drivers for your applications.


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