Implanted Medical Devices – A Huge Industry


Reference:Article from 24/7 Wall St. Research

One of the most profitable businesses of the U.S. healthcare industry are medical devices. On a yearly basis, medical device companies across the world bring in over $200 billion in revenue. In the U.S. alone, these companies take in over $85 billion a year. A large portion of that is for devices that are implanted in the human body. Many of the devices implanted are medically necessary and do their jobs extending lives and improving the quality of life, like those shown below.

Eleven Most Implantable Devices In America

  1. Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
    > Number of procedures: 133,262
    > Total annual expenditure: $5.5 billion
  2. Artificial Hips
    > Number of procedures: 230,000
    > Total annual expenditure: $10.5 billion
  3. Heart Pacemakers
    > Number of procedures: 235,567
    > Total annual expenditure: $4.5 billion
  4. Breast Implants
    > No. of procedures: 366,000
    > Total annual expenditure: $992 million
  5. Spine Screws, Rods, and Artificial Discs (Spinal Fusion Hardware)
    > Number of procedures: 413,000
    > Total annual expenditure: $10 billion
  6. IUDs (Intra-Uterine Devices)
    > No. of procedures: 425,000
    > Total annual expenditure: $340 million
  7. Metal Screws, Pins, Plates, and Rods (Traumatic Fracture Repair)
    > Number of procedures: 453,000
    > Total annual expenditure: $4.5 billion
  8. Artificial Knees
    > Number of procedures: 543,000
    > Total annual expenditure: $12 billion
  9. Coronary Stents
    > Number of procedures: 560,000
    > Total annual expenditure: $7.5 billion
  10. Ear Tubes (Tympanostomy Tubes)
    > Number of procedures: 715,000
    > Total annual expenditure: $1 billion-$2 billion
  11. Artificial Eye Lenses (Psuedophakos)
    > No. of procedures: 2.582 million
    > Total annual expenditure: $8 billion – $10 billion

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