Design Engineers! Why Use Current Sensing & Shunt Resistors?

Design Engineers!

Why Use Current Sensing
& Shunt Resistors?


One Reason. 

To Know the amount of current being delivered to a load.


Here’s Why?

In low-power consumer products the supply current can
be monitored to understand the system’s impact on battery life.

 The load current also can be used to make safety-critical decisions
in over-current protection circuits.

In motor control, knowing the magnitude and direction of the
current can tell you the speed and direction of the motor.

Test fixtures can be developed that monitor all supply currents to
gain an understanding of system subcomponent performance.


Typical Applications


  • DC/DC Converters
  •      Automotive Applications
  •  AC/DC Converters
            Electronic Power Steering
  •  Power Supplies
            Body Electronics
  •  Motor Controls
            Engine Control Modules
  •  Instrumentation
  • · Battery Fuel Gauges
           Electric Vehicles
  •   Li-lon Battery Management
  •      Household / Industrial Electric Meters
  •   VRMs In Notebook Computers


Click below for PDF of Current Sensing & Shunt Resistors overview.

 PDF2Click below to learn more about Current Sensing & Shunt Resistors




Reference” EE Times – A Current Sensing Tutorial





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