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Reaching For Pluto: The Countdown Begins

The Countdown Begins   One of the fastest spacecraft ever built — NASA’s New Horizons — is hurtling through the void at nearly one million miles per day.  Launched in 2006, it has been in flight longer than some missions last, and it is nearing its destination: Pluto. Can you just imagine how many different […]

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You… Happy Birthday To You…   So just whose birthday are we celebrating? Well it’s the ubiquitous, but quite amazing Transistor! Transistors turned 67 this week way back in 1947 – the same year the US Air Force test pilot Chuck Yeager, flying the Bell X-1 rocket plane broke the speed of sound. This was also […]

Waffle Pack: A Breakfast Waffle?

No it’s not a breakfast waffle! Not something to eat! It is a form of packaging that is designed for use with items that are very small, in this case bare die, die attach preforms and bond pads. The packs are usually embossed or pocketed trays. Using a pick and place piece of equipment the […]