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The Bloodhound SSC Project – A Flagship For Technology

 The Bloodhound SSC Project – A Flagship For Technology For a hundred years Britain has been involved in setting the land speed record and today is no different: the Bloodhound SSC project, described by Richard Noble the project director as the “engineering adventure of the 21st century”, is once again preparing to take to the […]

The Shrinking World Of Electronics

Bare Die Used In Miniature Circuit Assemblies   The size of your thumb are roughly the dimensions to which electronic medical devices are shrinking. They are necessary to be easily implanted into people who are suffering from such life-altering disorders as chronic pain,  and limb dysfunction. The new world of tomorrow is here! Such devices require […]

Tell Me – What Are Active & Passive Components?

What Are Active & Passive Components?   If you are anything like me, I always seem to get confused on what Active & Passive components are. Let’s see if we can shed some light this and try to understand just what are Active & Passive components and what the differences are. Active Components: Those devices or […]

The Return Of The Lego Men

The Return Of The Lego Men…   Lego is one of those things that despite how old a person is, grown adults get all misty eyed and nostalgic at the very mention of it, it plays to memories of childhood, of a creative world where we were the master. As testament to the enduring popularity of […]

ES Components Off The Shelf Inventory Search Tool

Off The Shelf Inventory Search Tool   ES Components Off The Shelf Inventory Search Tool is fast, simple and intuitive to use, while giving buyers immediate, single point access to ES Components Off The Shelf extensive inventory from many of our Franchised suppliers. ES Components carries our franchises’ most popular devices in our Off The Shelf Inventory (OTSI) […]

VMI, VMR, SMI – Just What Is This?

Simply put, it is nothing more than a form of an Inventory Management Service that is provided by your supplier or vendor. These are various acronyms that are associated with inventory management. I will share the definition of these terms with you and try to give you some guidance as to when you might use VMI […]

Kitting: Save Time – Save Money

A form of supply chain management, kitting reduces cost and improves efficiences. In very simple terms kitting is a process in which individually separate but related  items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. A form of supply chain management, parts are accurately counted and labeled, making them readily available when needed. A program […]

High Temp/Downhole Applications Require Specilaized Components

I had no idea how harsh and hot the environment is as an oil drill is trying to penetrate the seabed hundreds of feet below the surface. Temperatures can soar above 200°C! Add in extreme vibration and you have a pretty nasty situation where any electronic components are used. Watch an animated typical Down-Hole drilling […]

What’s Inside A Microchip?

To Know more about our components, here is a short video about What’s Inside A Microchip?