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The Bloodhound SSC Project – A Flagship For Technology

 The Bloodhound SSC Project – A Flagship For Technology For a hundred years Britain has been involved in setting the land speed record and today is no different: the Bloodhound SSC project, described by Richard Noble the project director as the “engineering adventure of the 21st century”, is once again preparing to take to the […]

Obsolescence – It’s All About Planning

Obsolescence – It’s All About Planning Everything moves so fast in today’s society, so it is pretty easy to understand the importance of managing risks that may almost seem unmanageable. One of these areas includes understanding the management of those products which may soon become obsolete. It is hard for businesses to invest capital in […]

One Stop Shopping…It Can Work!

One Stop Shopping…It Can Work!   Shopping for a Franchised Distributor of Bare Die & SMT Components? Where do I start? What do I do? What’s Bare Die? What’s a SMT Component? For procurement decision makers, selecting which distributor you use can impact your company’s bottom line…and your career. Your electronics distributor plays an important […]

VMI, VMR, SMI – Just What Is This?

Simply put, it is nothing more than a form of an Inventory Management Service that is provided by your supplier or vendor. These are various acronyms that are associated with inventory management. I will share the definition of these terms with you and try to give you some guidance as to when you might use VMI […]

Is DMSMS a problem for you?

ES Components specializes in supplying microelectronics from diminishing material sources and material shortages (DMSMS). Click here to learn more. DMSMS is an abbreviation for Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages. It’s the loss, or advancing loss of suppliers of items or raw material. DMSMS or obsolescence are often used mutually. DMSMS is the lack of […]