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  Die Products (View References)
Introduction To Die Products
Unpackaged die allow designers to
overcome the challenges of small
form factor applications.
Known Good Die
Known-Good-Die (KGD) processing
allows for better yields and improved
short-term reliability.
Known Good Die Myths
Four myths about
Known-Good-Die (KGD).
Die Case Studies
Innovative uses of die products in
four different applications.
Die Assembly Processes
System-In-Package Assembly
Combining all of the electronic
  Wafer Thinning View
  Die Attach View
  Wire Bond View
  Assembly Process View
  Module Testing View
Flip-Chip Assembly
Offers optimized electrical
performance in addition to
optimized miniaturization.
  Solder Flip Chip View
  Underfill Encapsulation View
  Adhesive Flip Chip View
  Wafer Level Packaging View
  Process Flow View
  Process Considerations View
Chip-On-Board (COB) Assembly
Provides the capability to perform direct
chip to chip wiring that facilitates improved
performance and strong functional
integration in many modern high speed
  Process View
  PCB Preparation View
  Die Attach View
  Encapsulation View
  More Encapsulation View
Challenges In Bare Die Mounting
Challenges In Bare Die Mounting
(Larry Gilg Die Products
Consortium Austin,Texas)
  Quality & Reliability
Guidelines For Handling Die
General Guidelines For Handling Die
Visual Inspection Criteria
Visual criteria for the inspection
of unpackaged die and wafers.
  Contamination View
  Cracks View
  Bridging & Shorting View
  Glassification View
  Scratches View
  Delamination View
Assembly Workmanship Criteria
Criteria covering die placement, encapsulation,
spacing, wirebond, and rebonding.
  Encapsulation View
  Spacing View
  Wirebond View
  Rebonding View
Chip On Board (COB) Reliability
Life test, evaluation systems, process
flow design issues.
  General Guidelines
Storage, Handling, & Shipping of Die Products
Safe handling guidelines for packaged ICs
that are practiced in the Surface Mount
Technology (SMT) assembly industry,
and to provide information to purchasers
of wafer and die products.
  Handling View
  Shipping Materials View
  Shipping Technologies View
  Mounting & Dicing View
Bare Die Product Standards
An overview of Bare Die standards
  Developing New Standards View
  Existing Standards View
Useful articles relating to Bare Die technologies.
  Burn-In Effectiveness --
Theory & Measurement View
  Defect Level As A Function
Of Fault Coverage View
  Die Products Ideal IC Packaging
For Demanding Applications View